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Contract Surety

Brad Weiss

Field Underwriter

Brian Low

Field Underwriter

Donna Marabello

Field Underwriter


Robyn McNair

ERISA Department Manager

Anthony Arcangel

Plan Sponsor Account Manager

Bryan Fenstermacher

Plan Sponsor Account Manager

Collin Surless

Plan Sponsor Account Manager

Jaime Boccia

Business Development Manager

Michael Bonfante

Plan Sponsor Account Manager

Randi Ploshnick

Business Development Manager

Raya Kataw

Business Development Manager

Ryan DiBuono

Business Development Manager

Tony Unkel

Business Development Manager

Marketing & IT

Kristen Robb

Senior Marketing Specialist

Erica LaManna

Marketing Specialist

Zach Minot

IT Specialist


Philip Shepard

Underwriter, Manager

Alistair Lee

Surety Bond Representative

Rita Alfano

Bond Administrator


We have been partnering with Colonial Surety Company for the past 12 years for all our construction bond needs. Working in a small business environment with limited staff, it is important to be able to work smart.  We have been solicited numerous times by other bonding companies and have elected to stay with Colonial Surety because of the above capabilities and their friendly and supportive staff.

Teri A. Yeager, Marketing Manager
The Uhrig Companies, PA

As contractors, we sometimes don’t know how much a bid bond we will need because we are still estimating the project. This is why we call at the last minute for bid bonds. It is extremely convenient to order the bid bonds and print them out online, making my life easier.  

Judy A. Godwin
M. Ingannamorte & Sons, Inc., NJ