Court Bonds

Common New York Surrogate’s Court Proceedings


Surrogate’s Courts are established in each county in the State of New York to hear cases regarding how to sort out the affairs and assets of people who have died. But Surrogate’s Courts in New York do a lot more than just looking at wills.

Wills are approved and proven authentic in probate proceedings to the satisfaction of the Surrogate (Judge). The Surrogate determines whether the will is the proven last will and testament of the person who died. Administration, on the other hand, is the process of a court distributing a decedent’s assets if they died without a proven last will. Voluntary administration, or small estate administration, is the simpler method for distributing assets of someone who died without a will but whose personal assets do not total $30,000 in value.

The Surrogate’s Courts in New York also handles trusts created during the trust settlor’s lifetime and trusts arising upon the death of that person, usually through a will. These are referred to as inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts respectively.

Guardianships are also handled by the New York Surrogate’s Court. The Court specifically handles matters involving guardianship of a person under 18’s person or property and guardianship over a mentally disabled person’s person or property.

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