Surety Bonds

Obtain Your I-Bonds® Instantly with Colonial Surety Company


As the majority of Americans gradually transition to working remotely, you may be left wondering how your business will be able to meet deadlines and execute projects in this new normal. We at Colonial Surety Company want you to know we are as committed as ever to working with your business during these uncertain times. We are one of the only businesses to offer I-Bonds®, or instant, online surety bonds, ready to be printed in the convenience of your home. We make the bonding process easy and fast, so you can continue business as usual, even during a pandemic.

Though many businesses have been unable to distribute surety bonds, it hasn’t stopped us from delivering our online bonds to our customers. For instance, our thousands of license and permit bonds are available for instant quote, purchase, print or e-file on your mobile device or desktop computer. Our bonding process was made to withstand tough times and always made obtaining a surety bond as easy as it can be.

In a time when you need us most, we are here to help. Our surety bond experts are available Monday through Thursday to answer any questions you may have on the bonding process.

Purchase Surety Bonds Online

Colonial Surety Company is a leading provider of online, instant surety bonds or I-Bonds®. We are licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories excluding U.S. Samoa and can help you obtain your bond from any location in the United States. It’s easy to obtain your I-Bonds® when you do business with a quality insurance firm specifically licensed to write surety bonds. With other companies, your final cost of your I-Bond® may fluctuate depending on delivery charges, hidden fees, and taxes. At Colonial Surety Company, we pledge to give you an affordable rate for your bond with no hidden costs added to the final price tag. Contact us today to get your surety bond online in minutes.