Airport Security Bond

instantly obtain an airport security bond

What is an Airport Security Bond?

An Airport Security Bond is required by U.S. Customs, and is necessary for out-sourced service companies to enter secured areas of the airport. These bonds are required for all employees that operate beyond security checkpoints, and all companies that are working within Customs security areas.

Size Requirements

The minimum size of an Airport Security Bond is $10,000 and it may vary by airport – this is based on a calculation of $1000 per each employee with Customs security area access. This could be adjusted at the discretion of the Port Director of the International Airport where the bond is filed.   See Customs Form 301 for more information.


Who needs this bond?

You need this bond if you are an out-sourced service such as a restaurant, coffee shop, vending machine operator, independent retail store, janitorial, custodial, housekeeping, general contractor, sub-contractor, architects, engineers, etc.

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