Fiduciary Liability Insurance For Pension Professionals

Covers you as the fiduciary, and your business, against claims of actual or alleged breaches of duty.


This essential protection covers you as a fiduciary, and your business, against claims of actual or alleged breaches of your duties.

Armed with Fiduciary Liability Insurance for Pension Professionals, you and your business are protected against claims due to improper investments, breach of fiduciary responsibilities, obligations, or duties, as well as covered for defense costs associated with employee benefit plan lawsuits.


As a professional providing pension services, you cannot afford to go without coverage: regulations, expectations—and lawsuits—are on the rise. You can be held legally responsible and personally liable in the event of mistakes. Even the allegation of a fiduciary breach  can be a disaster. Let’s get you covered today.

For maximum value and efficiency, remember: Colonial can help you ensure your plan sponsor clients are compliant and protected too. We even package fiduciary and cyber liability insurance with the DOL required ERISA bond. Speed, expertise, savings: trust us: ERISA Packages Here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely. ERISA expertise is a must in the pension industry and Colonial Surety is a field leader. We are licensed in all US States and territories, listed by the U.S. Treasury as an approved surety and rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best. We proudly maintain a 4.8 customer rating on Trustpilot. In addition to protecting you, we offer easy, speedy packages to efficiently help you ensure your clients are ERISA Bond compliant and protected too: ERISA Packages Here.

  • Because we bundle E&O and Fiduciary Liability Insurance or give the option for the Pension Professional to obtain each product separately, just sign up and one of our specialists will call you. Should you already have an account, login and quote E&O/FL today. You have the option to select both or either to protect yourself and your business now.

  • We get it—our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help: 888-383-3313.

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