We understand mistakes can be made when dealing with the constantly changing pension industry. That’s why we created an industry-specific insurance solution that provides fundamental safeguards for you and your business—whether you’re a plan sponsor or pension professional—all at competitive rates.
Know the coverage you're looking for?

Fiduciary Liability Insurance (FLI)

Although an ERISA bond protects the participants of your plan, it does not cover YOU as the fiduciary. Fiduciary liability insurance provides peace of mind that you are protected from personal liability.

FLI for Pension Professionals

Fiduciary Liability Insurance (FLI) protects pension professionals against claims due to actual or alleged breach of fiduciary responsibilities, and obligations or duties, while providing defense costs associated with employee benefit plan lawsuits alleging breaches of fiduciary liability.

E&O Insurance for Pension Professionals

Errors & omissions (E&O) insurance coverage protects you and your company against claims made from clients alleging a failure to perform professional duties.