What is the Partnership Account® for Attorneys?

The Partnership Account® is a business referral and representation agreement between the Attorney and Colonial Surety Company. The agreement provides a direct and streamlined digital dashboard, allowing the attorney to purchase and manage court and fiduciary bonds for their clients. Attorney Partners will also have the option to be listed in Colonial’s attorney referral list made available to Colonial clients seeking counsel.

What products does Colonial Surety Company offer?

Colonial’s court and fiduciary bonds include appeal and supersedeas, conservator, estate, referee, receiver, and veteran’s administration fiduciary bonds. Colonial also provides bid and performance, license and permit, public official, notary, employee dishonesty, and lost instrument bonds. Colonial is also a leading provider of ERISA fidelity bonds and fiduciary liability insurance for plan sponsors and pension professionals. Upcoming Colonial product releases include Cyber Insurance, Employer Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, and Business Operation Protection.

What is the Attorney Dashboard?

Time is of the essence when a court orders your client to file a court or fiduciary bond. The Attorney Dashboard allows you to instantly obtain a digital court bond for your client ready for e-file or print, whether at the courthouse or your office. Alternatively, your client also has the ability to complete the full transaction online via the dashboard.

Why do attorneys partner with Colonial Surety Company?

The efficiency of our system combined with the opportunity to represent Colonial’s clients makes the Partnership Account® a valuable asset. Colonial Surety Company is an insurance company licensed in all 50 states and U.S.territories. We are rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best Company and United States Department of the Treasury approved.

how do I become a partner?
create an account

create an account

login to The Partnership Account®

receive a referral code

receive a referral code

Purchase directly or send your clients our link to purchase court bonds to be instantly filed with the court.

manage and track

manage and track

Using our Attorney Dashboard, you can keep track of your clients' court bonds

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