Trustee Bonds

These bonds help protect the interests of the trust beneficiaries.

Colonial is the easy choice.

Colonial Surety Company is a leading provider of trustee bonds. We’re licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories and make it easy to obtain your I-Bond® (instant, online surety bond)

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  • A trust is a document created by a settlor that provides how property and assets within a trust are managed and distributed to trust beneficiaries. A trustee bond protects the interests of the trust beneficiaries.

  • A person appointed as trustee may be required by the trust document or court to obtain a bond for an estate trustee.

  • The amount of the bond for estate trustee is usually determined by the trust document.

  • Colonial Surety Company offers the direct and digital way to obtain a trustee bond. We make it easy to obtain your bond instantly. The steps are easy—get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Print or e-file the bond from your home or office. It’s that simple!

  • A trustee bond is reasonably priced and easy to obtain. Colonial Surety Company offers our lowest possible rate. Premium is based on the amount of the bond required by the applicable trust document.

  • Yes, it is important that you purchase your bond from a quality and financially-secure company. Incorporated since 1930, Colonial Surety Company is an A (Excellent) rated insurance company by A.M. Best. We are Treasury listed, licensed and admitted in all U.S. states and territories.

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