General Liability Insurance with 50k of Cyber Liability Insurance Included


General Liability Insurance offers essential protection to keep your business running smoothly when the unexpected happens.


General Liability Insurance


Running a business involves unexpected situations, even with the utmost care, right? That’s where General Liability Insurance steps in, offering crucial protection to ensure your business can keep moving forward when the unpredictable strikes.

Imagine scenarios such as a customer slipping and falling, damage occurring to your office equipment due to a leak, or accidentally causing harm to a customer’s expensive tiled entrance hall. With General Liability Insurance, you can have the coverage necessary to handle the injuries and liabilities resulting from these incidents.

Specifically, by opting for Colonial’s affordable General Liability Insurance, your business will be covered in the following situations:

  1. Injury to a third party (excluding injuries resulting from your services) and associated medical expenses.
  2. Liability arising from damage to someone else’s property.
  3. Liability for the loss of a client’s electronic data in specific professions due to equipment damage.
  4. Coverage for actions performed by temporary workers.

By having General Liability Insurance, your business can be well-prepared to navigate these unexpected events and protect its operations.

Value Added: Cyber Insurance

As a valued customer making your first insurance purchase with Colonial, we are delighted to offer an additional benefit. We are now in a digital era which is why when you choose General Liability Insurance, we include $50,000 of Basic Cyber Liability Insurance with your policy. This coverage provides you with access to expert breach response services in the event of a cyber breach. It ensures prompt mitigation of damages and facilitates the implementation of necessary investigation and notification procedures. Furthermore, this coverage extends protection against potential lawsuits and regulatory actions that may arise from a cyber breach.


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