Harassment Insurance (EPLI)

Protection for your business if a worker sues over employment-related issues.

Lawsuits happen all too frequently in today’s workplace.

Judgements, settlements, and legal fees can be extremely costly and distracting. Most business insurance policies do not cover employment litigation. Small businesses are especially at risk because they often have limited human resources staff, who may not be skilled at employee training or resolving disputes before they become legal issues.

Protect your business with Harassment Insurance also know as EPLI.

If an employee or group of employees sues your business over a violation of rights or unfair practices, Harassment Insurance, or Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), can help pay your legal costs and any monetary damages. Harrassment Insurance covers you against various employment-related lawsuits:

  • Discrimination
  • Benefits mismanagement
  • Wrongful termination
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful discipline or demotion
  • Privacy violations

Expert help when you need it most.

If legal issues arise due to your workplace practices, you’ll have access to employment law experts and dedicated claims personnel who work with top lawyers across the country to quickly and efficiently resolve claims.

Watch a brief video to learn about Harassment Insurance aka EPLI:

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Insurance protection applies to directors, officers, employees, and the insured organization
    • Claims activity from employees has become almost routine and expected
    • The “workplace” has taken on new meaning, in the face of 2020’s coronavirus pandemic, and planned back to work schedules by individual states and individual employers
    • Once an employee demand has been made in writing to the employer, the employer’s coverage may be triggered. Immediate legal counsel advice and action in response to the demand, is critical to controlling the cost of the claim
    • Claims brought by employees and related to workplace conditions, relationships, and supervisory control, have been increasing relative to claim settlements and claims frequency
  • This insurance is subject to the limit and deductible amount chosen and is intended to cover the following:

    • Defense expenses for covered allegations; Colonial has the duty to defend against covered claim situations
    • Payment of covered settlements/judgments, on behalf of directors, officers, employees or the insured organization, and covered subsidiaries
    • Coverage extends to leased employees, with respect to any claim brought by such persons against insured persons and the insured organization
    • Mental anguish, emotional distress, or humiliation, if specifically included with a covered claim, and otherwise meeting the policy’s definition of a wrongful act
    • Defense expenses in connection with an express written employment agreement
    • Punitive, exemplary and multiple damages, if insurable under the law
    • Coverage extends to independent contractors, as defined, if that independent contractor’s service is under the exclusive direction of the insured organization
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