Hometown Bond Program

Instant Credit Bond Program Approval

Single limit up to $250,000 | Aggregate limit up to $500,000

Designed for the local contractor who requires infrequent bid and performance bonds.  The goal of this program is to help you Get Direct.® and grow into the Partnership Account®. Financial statements are not required.


Underwriting Parameters:

  • Minimum personal credit score of 650 for all Principals 
  • Contract must be located within 50 miles of the contractors home base
  • Contract performed must be self performed
  • Contract Work must be within the contractor’s specialty
  • Copy of your bid specifications or contract
  • Bid bond request form (see attached)
  • Performance bond request form (see attached)
  • Engineer’s estimate and bid results
  • Contractor Trust Plan participation required.

Application and Hometown 

  • Application fee $150.00 (The fee will be refunded if your application is not accepted)
  • Hometown Undertaking and Management fee agreement $500.00

Premium Rate:

  • 2.5%  per thousand

Hometown Program Documentation (PDF format)