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12 Strategies for Growth


When you own and run a construction business, riding the ups and downs comes with the territory, but of course more highs than lows are best. Here are 12 pragmatic strategies that successful entrepreneurs rely on. Put your business on a steady growth path by turning these strategies into your consistent approach to the work of each day.

Securing A Bright Future

It’s normal for businesses to experience “boom and bust” cycles but, let’s face it: too much scrambling leads to frustration and exhaustion, “leading many businesses to give up and fail.” However, bringing the right approach, steadfastly, to every workday, week and month, propels businesses forward. Here are twelve proven strategies to “ignite growth,…achieve higher turnovers, create a community of satisfied customers, and secure a bright future for your construction venture”:

  1. Establish Clear Goals
  2. Discover Your Niche
  3. Develop An Active Online Presence
  4. Build Relationships Through Networking
  5. Invest in Marketing
  6. Ensure Compliance and Accreditations
  7. Embrace Technology
  8. Manage Finances Wisely
  9. Source Your Supplier Smartly
  10. Offer Excellent Customer Service
  11. Expand Your Team Carefully
  12. Monitor Industry Trends

Though not a magic wand (or a bag of cash), collectively, these strategies, persistently embraced, are the ingredients of winning businesses. Most business owners intuitively excel in some strategic areas, while others come as more of a challenge. It’s wise to play to your strengths–and get help with areas of weakness. For example, whether or not you enjoy financial management there is no getting around the importance of it: 

Precise management of your finances is essential for sustained company growth. Maintain meticulous records of income and expenses, create structured budgets, monitor cash flow, implement user-friendly accounting software to simplify financial tasks, and consider collaborating with a financial advisor for long-term stability.

Great help is often closer than you realize. For example, Colonial Surety’s here to help, with a surety line of credit, financial intel at your fingertips–and speedy bonds, Everything you need to grow is right here at Colonial Surety via The Partnership Account® for Contractors.

Once qualified for The Partnership Account®, you’ll use our power of attorney to issue your own bid bonds, in minutes. That means you can wait on material pricing and still hit the deadline. Order performance and payment bonds with speed and ease too. Plus, you’ll bid and win more then ever as you leverage your:

  • surety line of credit—in writing;
  • private digital dashboard;
  • daily snapshot of single and aggregate limits 
  • ability to update work on hand, and more…

Get started right now—and get free financial scores just for completing the pre-qualification:

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