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6 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses


In this digital province where everyone’s information is found online, it’s a no brainer to make cyber security a priority. When protecting your business and its valuable data, it’s never a smart idea to cut corners. To avoid your information from being stolen, follow these six steps to steer your small business away from a digital disaster.

  • Back Up Your Data. Never store all of your important data in one place. It is crucial to use an external drive to back the data up, as well as researching various cloud storage options best suited for your company. You can also keep some information as a hard copy.
  • Install Encryption. Backing up your information can only go so far. Embedded an encryption on all of your company’s drives and devices can further protect your sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands.
  • Have Strong Passwords. If you want to safeguard your personal assets and info from sneaky hackers, creating secure passwords for each digital crevasse of your firm is a great step. No, the password should not include any obvious phrases, common names, or dates of your company’s launch. There’s no minimum for a strong password length, but the longer the password and filled with symbols and numbers, the better.
  • Place Firewalls on Your Network. Building firewalls can prevent unauthorized access to your company’s computer and its files. There is a plethora of firewall software on the web to choose from, so be sure to pick the best one for your company and its needs.
  • Install the Latest Anti-Virus Software. Any device connected to the internet is at risk of being hacked. Therefore, be sure to secure the latest version of anti-virus protection software. In addition, it’s smart to update the software consistently and run daily or weekly checks on your device to be sure the software is working as it should.
  • Rehearse Cyber Security Best Practices. To make sure your company operations are cohesive, pass down the cyber training to your employees. That way, you can sleep well knowing your workers are well-rehearsed in cyber security and understand how to protect their devices.

Take Cyber Security a Step Further with Cyber Liability Insurance

These measures will help your company in the short-term, but not the long-term. To protect yourself and your business from financial losses during a cyber-breach, we recommend obtaining Cyber Liability Insurance, our service-based solution that can help respond swiftly and smartly to a digital attack. Contact us today to learn more about our Cyber Liability Insurance and it’s benefits.