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A Successful Appeal—and Recovery of Costs Incurred


A Successful Appeal—and Recovery of Costs Incurred

When an appeals court overturns a judgment, the appellant may be able to recover appeal bond premiums. Consider the case of TCL Communication’s successful appeal of a $110 million judgment won by Ericsson earlier this year.

The Case In a Nutshell

As reported by Lexology:

In April 2020, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned a $110m judgment against TCL by invalidating Ericssons patent under section 101. Upon returning to the Eastern District of Texas, TCL recovered an additional $2.35m in costs incurred before both courts. Magistrate Judge Payne, considered the various costs to determine the amount TCL should recover after its successful appeal.

The Supersedeas Bond

When TCL appealed, the court required a supersedeas bond of $132,240,250 to stay execution on the $110 million judgment. To secure the bond TCL paid over $2 million in premiums.

The key benefit of filing a supersedeas bond, known as an appeal bond, is to secure a stay from collection on a judgment until the appeal is decided. Importantly, the initial judgment is subject to collection until the party pursuing an appeal posts such a bond. Creditors are free to attempt to collect on a judgment even if the party they are collecting from is attempting to appeal the lower court judgment. But, the appeal or supersedeas bond prevents the creditor from enforcing the judgment during the pendency of the appeal.



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The District Court’s Finding for TCL

In the case of TCL seeking to recoup premiums paid to secure the supersedeas bond, the District Court reviewed the facts, and as reported by Lexology:

The court found that TCLs supersedeas bond premiums were reasonably necessary” because Ericsson insisted that TCL post a full bond and rejected TCLs alternatives. The Court noted also that Ericsson did not itself provide any alternatives and there was no suggestion in the record that Ericsson would have accepted other guarantees from TCL.

The court awarded TCL $2,248,983.48 in supersedeas bond premiums and $505 in uncontested appellate docketing fees, but did not award $757,473.39 in corporate guarantor fees and financing costs. It ultimately awarded TCL fees and costs totaling $2,354,108.93.


Interesting To Know


Ericsson petitioned for an “en banc rehearing” in the case, but, in September,

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied the petition, which solidified the reversal of the $110m judgment against TCL Communication.

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