License & Permit Bonds

Alcohol Regulators Relax Alcohol Rules in Texas


Great news for bustling bars and restaurants in the Lone Star State! A newfangled amendment was ratified this week by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, cementing a novel path for bars to disguise themselves as restaurants. The clever action lets Texas bars more effortlessly qualify for a food and beverage certificate by eliminating specific pre-requisites that usually stand in the way of securing a certificate.

Per the order, commercial cooking equipment is no longer required. What’s more, the sale of commercially pre-packaged items for a neighboring establishment or a food truck parked on the property is now accepted as a way for businesses to procure the now-coveted 51% food revenue taxonomy. In addition, Texas bars that were forced to close in mid-March can now multiply their capacity to 50% from 25% a few months ago. If you are a Texas business owner, you may be required to obtain a license or permit bond in order to continue business operations in your state. License and permit surety bonds are required by federal, state, and local government agencies as prerequisites for many licensed businesses to legally operate. Permit bonds are required before a government agency will issue a permit to a business.

As we carefully navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are compelled to transform in myriad ways to meet state requirements while financially staying afloat. To give you peace of mind during this time, Colonial Surety Company offers you an incredibly easy way for you to obtain a license and permit bond, like our Alcoholic – Retailers for Consumption On or Both On and Off Premises bond that allows your business to serve alcohol to patrons on or off your premises. We are proud to be the only insurance company to offer direct surety and fidelity bonds online, instantly for print or e-file. We call them I-bonds®. Our automated application takes minutes to complete! Just go online, get a quote, enter your payment method, and obtain your bond! Click here to get started.