Court Bonds

Appeal Bonds Benefit Both Plaintiffs and Defendants


It’s not a surprise that defendants appealing a case are benefited by obtaining an appeal or supersedeas bond. The bond secures your right to appeal and stays the execution of the lower court judgment until the appeal is decided on. The bond helps even beyond that, however. Without an appeal bond in place, the plaintiff in the lower court case would be able to collect on the lower court’s judgment even while the appeal was going on. Even if the defendant is able to pay that, there’s no guarantee that the defendant will be able to get that money back should his or her appeal win. The defendant would likely have to file a further action to recollect that money that was collected by the plaintiff before the appeal was finished. Further, the plaintiff who collects before the appeal is decided may become judgment proof by the time the appeal is decided upon, and therefore harder, or even impossible, to collect from once the appeal is decided.

Plaintiffs also benefit from an appeal bond being in place. The bond guarantees that there will be money to collect from a defendant should the lower court’s judgment be affirmed and the plaintiff succeed. The defendant also could become judgment proof in this case, with the bond guaranteeing that the plaintiffs will be able to collect.

Parties can go bankrupt or out of business with the amount of time it takes for an appeal to be finalized. An appeal or supersedeas bond helps ensure that the party that wins on appeal is protected.

Where can you easily purchase an appeal or supersedeas bond?

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