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BIM Results Highlight The Importance of Partnering



New research demonstrates the success of building information modeling (BIM). It is especially effective when everyone on the project team is committed to it—and partnering effectively.

The Impact of Embracing BIM

Many contractors are experiencing strong results from using building information modeling instead of relying on-site construction. Results are predicted to be even stronger when all stakeholders on a project team commit to using BIM. As reported by Construction Business Owner:

The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics on building information modeling (BIM) focuses on mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors. It reveals that these contractors have embraced BIM and are seeing extraordinary value from its use. However, it also demonstrates that a major challenge for many of these contractors is a lack of commitment to BIM use by other key parties involved in a project.

Specifically, the research found that compared to site construction, BIM users reported significant gains in many areas of project management, including material waste; labor costs, the avoidance of purchasing extra piping and fitting; schedule performance; worker safety; and, site logistics costs.

Room for Improvement: More Training and Collaborating

Working in a BIM environment requires a high level of collaboration and information sharing from all stakeholders involved in the project. It’s not surprising that the Dodge study identified that BIM’s two biggest obstacles relate to human capacity and commitment to the process.

Participating contractors indicated that for BIM to be even more effective, more workers need to be trained in the process and technology. The full gains of a total BIM environment won’t be achieved until all of the stakeholders are fully collaborating, sharing information and modeling across a project’s lifecycle.  As described by The B1M:

BIM is an agent for change. As soon as you try and implement it youll find yourself having to reconsider your approach to many issues that have dogged our industry for years. Things like poor collaboration, competitive tendering, risk transfer, late engagement of specialists and our focus on capital costs. Successful implementation of BIM can address these issues whilst delivering further benefits for both individuals and the organizations they work for.

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Good To Know: Partnering Leads To Success

What do the San Francisco International Airport, Bulgari factory in Italy and

Dubai’s Museum of the Future have in common? As Redshift by Autodesk reports:

All are examples of using BIM to help meet LEED requirements while bringing extraordinary design visions to life.

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