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Bingo’s Back!  


We’re inching toward normal. Feels good, right? What’s more normal than a bingo game? Hmmm. Not much. Bingo is back—and sounding more fun then ever. With halls and calls springing to life around the country, don’t forget the required license bonds. Here’s what you need to know—and the easiest way to get a bingo license bond too.

Bingo Halls Spring To Life

 Sure, virtual bingo has gotten cute and clever—but really, can anything replace a good ole bingo hall meet up? Crumb buns and coffee if it’s a morning affair, tuna salad and chips at lunch…burgers and buns (maybe beer if there is an alcohol license) all night long. Markers for the cards—and ahhh, the sound of the numbers tumbling around in the spinner. Shh…was that B6 or O66? BINGO!

Whether thinking about bingo brings you happy memories of your grandma—or joy in the simple pleasure of being again able to throw a fundraising gather-up  for the kid’s summer camp, it’s fun to know the action’s popping back up across the country. Don’t forget the license bond though…it’s easy and right here: Bingo License Bond.

Where’s The Action?

 Everywhere! As opportunities to gather in public open across the country, bingo games are making the list. For example, in Anchorage, bingo halls just got the green light. The tables at The Mint Gaming Hall at Kentucky Downs are ready to go too. As Director of Marketing, John Wholihan says: “We have hot dog carts, we’ve got all kinds of beer tubs and different stations around ….Up in the bingo hall will be wide open with extra betting machines and all those bingo tables.” Mint Juleps? Of course those are available too!

Wherever you plan to get a bingo game going, don’t forget that almost everywhere in the country, you need a surety bond, generally referred to as a Bingo License Bond, when promoting, organizing and conducting games of chance in which prizes are awarded. Generally, the purpose of a Bingo License Bond, like all surety bonds, is to guarantee faithful compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

No matter where you live, the quickest and easiest way to obtain a Bingo License Bond is with Colonial Surety’s digital, self-service platform. In just a few clicks you can:

  • Get a quote online
  • Fill out your information
  • Enter your payment method.
  • Print or e-file your bond from anywhere.

 Bingo License Bonds Here.

 Nice To Know: Enduring Traditions

 Recently, Auburn New York lost Helen Bucklaw Fara, who died just shy of her 97th birthday. Among the joys of Helen’s long life? Bingo—with family. As memoralized in her obituary:

 Helen was an avid Bingo player for many years at local parish halls around Auburn. She could manage twelve to fifteen cards at a time and even keep an eye on her son’s three cards when they went together.

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