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Bound for Growth: Alcohol Retail Sales


If you have pictured running the fun and funky—or upscale—neighborhood spirits shop, ’tis the season to get licensed, bonded and underway.

Up, Up and Away: That’s the Trend in Alcohol Sales

Dinner and a movie, at home—again!

This pattern seems to be contributing to growth in the retail sale of alcohol. Those who are employed are also upgrading their special beverages of choice to lend a little extra flavor to this long period of social isolation.

As reported by the New York Times :

The pandemic has been a boon to retail alcohol sales of all kinds. Beer sales are up, as are those of wine and vodka. Even the lowly vermouth — the anonymous mixer that blends with the name-brand spirits in martinis and Manhattans — has seen a spike in business as consumers substitute drinking at home for visits to local bars or restaurants.

What has also changed in the pandemic is consumers’ choice of libations: They’re drinking more expensive bottles.

“A trend we see is an accelerated rate of buying premium brands,” said Danelle Kosmal, vice president of beverages and alcohol at the research firm Nielsen. “Consumers are trading up and spending more, and it’s a trend that’s been accelerated since the pandemic started.”

Cheers To Your New Business!

If finding the perfect bottle of wine, the latest craft beer or that new locally made bourbon  is your calling, now is a great time to get your retail endeavor going.

You’ll need a liquor license, and in most states, a pre-requisite is obtaining an Alcoholic Retailer License Bond. Let Colonial Surety Company help you obtain that easily—no matter where in the country you live.

Like other types of surety bonds, an Alcoholic Retailer License Bond guarantees your business will comply with all applicable government rules and regulations. As a leading, national provider of a wide portfolio of license and permit bonds for many professions and industries, Colonial Surety Company makes obtaining an Alcoholic Retailer License Bond easy, affordable, digital and instant—in every state! Colonial offers our lowest possible rate, direct to customers.

Obtain Your Alcoholic Retailer License Bond

Good To Know: Committed to Shopping Local

Despite the massive current use of “big” online retail, many people continue to desire local shopping opportunities. In fact, a survey by Constant Contact found:

  • About 70 percent of the shoppers we polled said they have visited a small business (either online or in-store) at least once a month since the COVID-19 pandemic hit
  • One-fifth have made it a habit – choosing to shop small at least five times per month. 
  • Compared to 2019, 60 percent said they have made more of an effort to support local businesses in their community this year, and another 20 percent still intend to do so before the end of 2020.

If this season finds you summoning your entrepreneurial spirits, remember that Colonial Surety Company is here to arm professionals and businesses with the wide variety of license and permit bonds they may need,

As a national leader in the bond field, Colonial offers a unique, self-service, digital way for entrepreneurs—and everyone— to obtain required license and permit bonds quickly and efficiently.  In just a few clicks you can:

  • Get a quote online
  • Fill out your information
  • Enter your payment method.
  • Print or e-file your bond from anywhere.

Founded in 1930 and licensed for business in every state, Colonial Surety Company  is an A (Excellent) rated insurance company by A.M. Best and U.S. Treasury listed.

Obtain Your Alcoholic Retailer License Bond