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Bound To Deal Junk?


To say the least, some retailers are succeeding during the pandemic by delivering a lot of new belongings to customers across the country. Stuck at home, consumers with means are shopping. What’s happening with all the old stuff? Maybe your next career is a junk removal business.

Junk Removal Is An Enduring Need

Let’s face it, we started consuming lots of stuff long before the pandemic. Some of it is large: new technology beckons us to large screen televisions and smart refrigerators. Where are the old ones? Some of our new goods are small. Slim little vacuums mean the old giant ones are piled up somewhere, right? Ditto, printers. Old bikes in the shed? The bags of clothing that never got dropped at the local charity collection site?

It is easy to understand how junk removal can be a good, solid business in neighborhoods across the country. Here’s the Starter Story of one small business owner, Sam Evans, who found the right market in Harrisburg Pennsylvania:

We service any and everyone who may have unneeded items they are looking to get rid of. People often ask what items we consider junk, to us junk is anything you no longer need or want.

 Our main customers are middle-aged and up adults, typically with a higher income that do not want to or are unable to do the work themselves. We complete over 75 jobs per month, bring in about $20,000 in revenue per month profiting about 65% per job.

Get Bonded and Get Started

 Junk removal is a service business. It involves being in the homes and businesses of others—or on their property. Regulations in most states and towns will require you to get a surety bond to protect your customers. As The Balance Small Business explains:



Being bonded provides a layer of trust between your business and your customers because you are giving them assurances to the quality of your work while providing a way for them to be made financially whole if something goes wrong.


While insurance offers protection for the company, bonding offers protection to a business’s customer. If something goes wrong, the customer can file a claim against the company, and the bond purchased by the company will cover the cost of the claim, provided it is deemed to be valid. In its simplest terms, bonds are meant to protect consumers from harmful, unethical, or otherwise poor business practices.


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Take The Next Steps: Understanding the Junk Dealing Business


Research junk dealing businesses in your area. Find out the rates. Think about the niche needs you might be better able to meet.  For example, the population is aging—so consider the unmet needs in elderly households and how you could connect with these potential customers.


Think green! Determine how you will properly recycle or dispose of the junk you collect—and what doing so will cost you? Perhaps you can collaborate with others and come up with some innovative solutions. Consider for example local second hand stores charities and collectors. One person’s junk could truly be another’s treasure. What local regulations will you need to understand?

More tips, including ideas about starting simply and small and creating a business plan are offered at The Balance Small Business.

Don’t forget—you will need a bond for your business. It is your guarantee that the business will operate in accordance with applicable government rules and regulations.

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