Surety Bonds

Bringing Notarization Practices Into the 21st Century


Across the country, millions of notaries public are appointed by state governments to help deter fraud, but rarely do we hear about how this public service is regulated—or modernized. Change is underway.

National Recognition for Setting New Standards

Recently, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson was named the National Notary Association’s 2020 March Fong Eu Achievement Award Recipient. Given the large number of notaries in service, and the wide range of business documents they witness, Lawson sees her efforts as an important part of a broader priority to modernize business practices throughout the state. According to the Notary Bulletin:

As Secretary of State, Lawson is in charge of Indiana’s more than 90,000 Notaries Public, the largest force of public servants in the state. When she entered office in 2012, one of her key priorities was to modernize the way people in Indiana do business, and Notaries were going to be an important focus of her reform initiatives.

Those reforms included sweeping changes to education requirements for new Indiana Notaries and continuing education for those who are already commissioned. She was also behind the bill that authorized remote online notarization, bringing new technology to the arena and leapfrogging other states’ outdated Notary regulations.

Notary Bonds Go Digital and Direct

Generally, state regulations require notaries to obtain a type of surety bond, known as a notary bond,  According to the National Notary Association, a notary bond: ensures that, as a Notary, you will fulfill all obligations to protect the public from financial harm resulting from any wrongdoing on your part when performing notarial duties.

As an innovator in insurtech, Colonial Surety Company offers notaries an efficient, fully digital and direct way to instantly purchase notary bonds. The steps are easy—get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Your bond will be ready to e-file or print instantly. It’s that simple! Obtain your Notary Bond Now!

Remote Online Notarization Advances

The shift to online notarization has been accelerated by the pandemic, with rapid change allowing businesses to keep moving. Recently, for example, Notarize  announced a partnership with Adobe:

Five years after pioneering the Remote Online Notarization category, we’re at the magical moment where the market, the Notarize platform, the regulatory environment, and consumer demand have all converged to a place where industries and enterprises are clamoring for RON, said Pat Kinsel, Notarize founder and CEO.  “Together with Adobe, we’re meeting millions of enterprises at this moment with an integrated platform that couples ease-of-use with security, all in one place. Once customers try it, they’ll never go back.”

As with other technological advances, once customers across industries have experienced the direct, digital service of Colonial Surety Company, they can’t imagine getting their bonds or insurance products the old way.

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