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Business Is Booming: Home Renovation Contractors



Licensed contractors are in big demand for home renovation work of all kinds across the country. With more families continuing to spend more time at home then ever before, living needs and the use of space are changing rapidly. Contractors are working to keep up with the demand for everything from home offices to outdoor living rooms—and everything in between.



In addition to the tremendous demand for new home construction that the pandemic spurred, home improvement has experienced a boom. For families in which remote work, and even school, became a reality, space needs shifted dramatically. Remember, for example when “open floor plans” were all the rage? Now, contractors find they are whipping up plans to close off and separate spaces so that everyone has a “zoom room” (or at least niche). Home renovation work involves the creation of new leisure time spaces too. If we’re spending our work days in what used to be the walk-in closet, now we want the outdoor kitchen and living room ready for fun on the weekends. As Forbes reports:


Outdoor dining rooms…patios, decks, pergolas and outdoor kitchens outfitted backyards across the country in 2021. Yards were transformed into entertainment havens, oases for folks to gather and enjoy. Even with a small space, you can still get creative. Now more than ever, people want to be outside. Homeowners are seeking to extend their indoor living spaces to the outdoors, opting for large windows or sliding glass doors that bring the outside in and vice versa…In 2021, people did everything outside from working to entertaining. Alfresco is in. Homeowners are creating new outdoors spaces and experiences to entertain, delight and inspire.


Indeed, Buildertrends reports that much of the work keeping contractors busy these days is about “helping others unwind.” For example, “bathrooms that double as spas,” “windows that wow” (and let the light in) and kitchens that can accommodate all the cooks in the house—at the same time—are high on home renovation wish lists. Demand for proper ventilation, energy saving air conditioning and the latest lighting techniques are keeping electricians and HVAC contractors busy too. With so much work continuing to come their way, contractors of all kinds are reminded to make sure they have a current Contractor Licence Bond, in compliance with local requirements. Importantly, a contractor license bond serves as a guarantee to the public that the business operates in accordance with all applicable regulations. Colonial Surety, makes it easy and speedy for contractors in every state to obtain a contractor license bond affordably, online, anytime:  Contractor License Bond Here.


Good To Know: License Bond Vs Insurance?

To be licensed as a contractor, your state likely requires you to have both a license bond—and various types of insurance. Generally, insurance protects you and your business. A license bond is a type of surety bond—it represents your commitment to the public that your business is run in accordance with all relevant laws. Whether you are a general contractor needing to renew your contractor license bond or a newly minted plumber seizing to capitalizing on the demand for deep soaking tub installations, Colonial Surety is here with the bonds you need. Our direct, digital portfolio of 4,000 license and permit bonds covers a wide range of trades and professions—everywhere in the USA.  As a national leader in the bond field, Colonial makes it quick and efficient to obtain license bonds in just a few clicks, online, anytime, from anywhere. Obtain yours in minutes today: Contractor License Bond Here.


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