License & Permit Bonds

How to Become a Licensed California Electrical Contractor


To become a licensed electrician in California, you need to obtain a C-10 Electrical Contractor license. The license is required in order to bid on any projects worth $500 or more. The California Contracts State License Board is in charge of issuing these licenses.

In order to sit for the California contractor’s examination, you need to have four years of experience as either a journeyman, foreman, contractor, or owner-builder. You have to pass both a business and law exam as well as an electrical contractor focused trade exam.

In addition, contractors in California are required to obtain a $15,000 surety bond in order to guarantee that all contractors comply with all rules and regulations regarding their trade and that any consumers damaged by unsatisfactory performance or license law violations by the contractor, as well as any contractors not paid wages due to them by the contractor, are protected. In addition, a $12,500 surety bond may be required as well if the license is managed by a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) who does not own at least 10% of the corporation’s voting stock. If they own more than 10% of the corporation’s voting stock, they must complete a Bond of Qualifying Individual Exemption Certification. Check how much your required bond amount is with your licensing agency.

Where can you obtain instant electrical contractor license bonds?

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