Court Bonds

What do California Legal Document Assistants Do?


California legal document assistants, or LDAs, are legal professionals who are authorized to prepare legal documents such as probate documents for clients. They are not lawyers but are there to assist clients seeking to navigate processes such as probate that do not require lawyers in California. LDAs help regular people understand these legal processes to make sure that they navigate them correctly without having to pay the prohibitive cost of an attorney.

LDAs essentially help people who do not need an attorney fill out complicated but routine paperwork in, often, one visit. The probate process in California, for example, does not always require an attorney so an LDA functions as a much cheaper alternative to help someone who does not need an attorney get through the process.

Often, when you work with a California LDA through the probate process, you will need to obtain a probate bond in order to guarantee that you will faithfully perform your duties in protecting the estate and its beneficiaries.

Where can you purchase instant probate surety bonds?

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