Surety Bonds

Colorado Lost Instrument Bond


In the state of Colorado, a lost instrument surety bond is required to protect against losses of financial securities, like checks, stock certificates, mortgages, certificates of deposits, money orders, bankbooks, unclaimed property, promissory notes, life insurance policies, and various other valuable documentation.  Often, banks and other financial institutions issue a duplicate instrument and require the owners of the lost documents to post lost instrument bonds. The lost instrument bond ensures the owner of the missing item will indemnify the bank or other entity for the losses they suffered attributable to the duplicate securities or other issued items.

How Do You Obtain a Lost Instrument Bond?

With Colonial Surety, you can get your bond easily online. Simply open our website, access our online portal, fill in our underwriting questions, upload the desired documents and affidavit, and type in your payment method. Afterwards, you will have access to your bond. You can then print it out or e-file it to your convenience.

Get a Lost Instrument Bond in Colorado

It is crucial to get your bond from a trusting insurance company. With Colonial Surety, you’ll never have to deal with brokers, middlemen, or agents that will cause delay to receiving your bond. Colonial Surety is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best company and has issued bonds in all fifty U.S. states and territories. Contact us today to learn how you can receive your lost instrument bond.