Court Bonds

Conservator Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Violating Duty


Becoming a conservator to assist with the financial needs of a minor, elderly, or disabled person can be a rewarding task as you can be the person who helps that person get by when they need help. Some people, however, don’t take on conservatorships for those admirable reasons or to help someone they care about.

Former Bristol, Connecticut Council member Jodi Zils Gagne was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for defrauding elderly and sick clients she served as a conservator for. Prosecutors argued that she swindled up to $170,000 from her clients and then lied to and misled probate courts and other conservators in order to cover up her crimes.

Issues such as these are why conservators are often required to obtain conservator surety bonds in order to protect the interests and affairs of conservatees in accordance with applicable state law.

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