Fidelity Bonds

Employees Who Commit Theft Often Aren’t Who You’d Expect


You may think that there is no way any of your trusted employees could ever steal from your business. You may personally vet them all and make sure that they are all good people in interviews. But that does not mean they will not steal from your business.

Look at Bonnie Harwell, a 69 year old long time employee of a local youth hockey organization. She, along with two others, were part of a scheme to steal money from the local bingo hall as an employee of the hockey organization, which helped operate the bingo hall. It turns out that Harwell had a gambling addiction and that the money stolen was to aid and feed that addiction.

Harwell’s story shows that even the most seemingly nice, trusted employees can have dark sides. Businesses need to protect themselves with an employee dishonesty bond to ensure that they are not taken down by employees’ dishonest acts.

So where can you easily purchase an employee dishonesty bond?

Colonial offers the direct and digital way to obtain an employee dishonesty bond. We are the insurance company — which means no agent, no broker, and no middleman. The steps are easy — get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Your bond will be ready for print instantly. It’s that simple!

Colonial offers you the ability to purchase an I-BOND®. This is a direct issuance of surety and fidelity bonds online instantly.