Court Bonds

When Does a Conservatorship End?


When someone is deemed to be unable to care for him or herself, another person is able to petition a probate court for control over their affairs. That control is a conservatorship (or guardianship, depending on the state). The conservator may have control over the conservatee’s personal needs, financial needs, or both.

But can a conservatorship end? If the conservatee becomes able to handle his or her affairs, someone involved or closely related to the case would again have to go to the court to request to end the conservatorship. The court then assigns an investigator to look into the case and provide information based on which the judge can decide whether to end the arrangement. A conservator who is not fulfilling their duties may also be removed by the court even if the conservatee still needs a conservator. Click here to learn more.

To make sure that a conservator fulfills their duties and to protect the conservatee’s interest and affairs while serving as conservator, courts often require conservators to obtain a conservator surety bond prior to appointment.

But where can you get an instant conservator bond?

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