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Estate Law: The Human Side?


Some estate planning experts find it easier to dig into the numbers side of the work than the human side. While the resulting plans might seem logical—especially from a tax reduction standpoint—they don’t always make the most sense for families. Here’s encouragement, from an estate planning veteran, to embrace the human side.

 Build Trust

With decades of expertise in estate planning, lawyer, teacher, and author, Paul Hood offers this encouragement:

The best piece of advice I give to estate planners is to understand that a clients estate planning decisions will affect the relationships of those who survive them. Those effects can be positive or negative. Communication is the key. The sad truth is that perfectly drafted estate plans tear families apart every day in this country, and its due to a failure to address the soft or human or qualitative side.

 Try though you might, youre human. Drop the masks and facades of being a pure, antiseptic quantitative estate planner. I promise you that youll become a much better estate planner, your clients will get significantly better estate plans, fewer clients will resist signing the documents you suggest that they sign, and youll be a much more trusted and valued advisor.


Spend Your Time Well

Chances are that families today are bringing more and more concerns to you for your wise consideration. What to do about the small family run business? Special needs trust? Blended families. Digital assets. Cryptocurrency. Although life’s ever more complicated—bonding does not have to be.

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