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Facebook vs LinkedIn?


Facebook vs LinkedIn?

Although Facebook remains the most frequently used social media platform around the world, some construction business experts are encouraging contractors to pay more attention to the unique marketing potential of LinkedIn. Here are some insights to help grow your business.


Reality Check

Although Facebook has become a tad eye roll inducing for many (another cat video anyone?), brand experts at Hootsuite remind us that it remains an essential ingredient in online marketing strategies: it is the third most visited website in the world, and 70% of Americans use it. Nonetheless, Facebook is just one aspect of establishing an online presence for small businesses. When it comes to more strategically targeting potential customers, LinkedIn could be a gem. For example, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News (aka ARCHR News), offers this point of view:


Let’s start by talking about who’s on LinkedIn. People. People who work for companies, people who run companies, people who are vice presidents, sales managers, operation managers, people who are entrepreneurs … basically, people who can do business with you and refer lots more business to you.


HVAC contractors tend to focus their energy on Facebook because it’s considered the place for B2C marketing. However, LinkedIn offers HVAC contractors a way to connect with potential customers who may not be located or reached via Facebook. Customers with an average income of $100,000+ and who are often owners, operators, and managers — in other words, decision makers are easy to find on LinkedIn….HVAC contractors need to be where their best potential customers are and LinkedIn is a great place to start. The types of connections that can be found and made there can lead to new business opportunities, referrals, and joint ventures. 


Search Based vs Interruption Based Marketing?

Marketing experts remind us that when we try to drive attention to our businesses via Facebook, we are generally hoping that whatever content we are putting out there is interesting enough to “interrupt” users from all the other content they have found themselves drawn into. On LinkedIn, potential customers may actually be searching for the services we are offering:“To put it another way, on Facebook the contractor is interrupting the consumer’s endless consumption of funny cat videos with his marketing message … hopefully in a way that’s not going to annoy them. On LinkedIn, potential customers are much more likely to be actively searching for resources that enhance their business.”  When you are ready to take your LinkedIn marketing effort up a few notches, experts suggest putting about 20 minutes a day into it and offer these tips. Though tailored specifically for HVAC contractors, these examples hold relevance for a wide range of building contractors:


Build a profile that accurately reflects you and your business and be sure to use professional photos. Just like a website needs to be optimized for search, so does your LinkedIn profile page. Make sure to have a well-written ‘About’ section as well as make sure the key areas of your profile page are optimized. 



LinkedIn allows HVAC contractors to target their outreach and/or ads more narrowly than other platforms, making it easier to reach potential customers who are likely to be in the market for HVAC services.


Start by building rapport with your target audience. You can begin by supporting your prospect with likes and comments on their post. Next, start posting content that adds value to your audience: tips, information on energy costs….…As you build up a following, you can begin to promote your HVAC services more directly.


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