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FBI Probes COVID-19 Patient Data Breach


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is surveilling a recent data breach that seized the vital information of coronavirus-positive South Dakota residents. The data breach occurred in June of 2020, and surfaced when a third-party vendor unearthed a database fused between the Department of Health and law enforcement agencies. The database harvested information that was recycled to construct an online portal to subtract the odds of medics and law enforcement acquiring the COVID-19 virus while performing their routine duties. Subsequently, information like names, addresses, dates of birth, and infection statuses was laid bare by the hackers.

However, the Department of Public Safety, or DPS, confirmed no social security numbers or financial data were compromised during the breach. Once learning of the occurrence, the DPS sent letters to the affected individuals, informing them of the data breach and how their data may have been exposed. Victims were encouraged to visit the web page called “South Dakota Consumer Protection” from the Attorney General’s Office, which has advice on preventing identity theft and securing valuable information.

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