Court Bonds

How to File an Appeal in New York Courts


Losing parties in trial courts are entitled to appeals in New York courts. But how exactly do you go about appealing your case?

You have to start with a notice of appeal. This written paper is filed to notify the court and opposition that you are appealing the lower court’s decision. In New York, once you’re served with a copy of the Order or Judgment with Notice of Entry from the lower court, you only have 30 days to file your Notice of Appeal. You have 35 days if served by mail.

A Notice of Appeal form contains the name of the case, the index number, the docket number, your name, the order or judgment being appealed, the date of the order or judgment, the name of the court that made the order and entered the judgment, and the name of the court that you’re appealing to. Learn more about a Notice of Appeal.

The Notice of Appeal also must be served on the other side. After a Notice of Appeal is filed, you then need to Perfect the Appeal in order to have it ruled upon.

However, before being able to appeal, you have to purchase an appeal or supersedeas bond to secure your right to appeal and stay a lower court’s judgment.

Where can you easily purchase an appeal or supersedeas Bond?

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