Court Bonds

How to Become a Guardian Without a Lawyer


If you cannot afford an attorney but still hope to become a guardian, The City University of New York is here to assist you by guiding you through the guardianship process. While CUNY strongly recommends going through this process with an attorney, as guardianship proceedings are very serious and can deprive different people of rights, going through without an attorney is still possible.

You should first read through CUNY’s entire guide and then review and fill out all forms attached to the guide. These include specific instructions on how to become a guardian. You will then submit the signed forms to the court. Additionally, make sure you choose “Yes” for all questions on the guide’s checklist for guardianship petitioners.

Finally, in order to become an appointed guardian, you need to obtain a guardianship surety bond in order to guarantee that the interests and affairs of the guardian’s ward are protected in accordance with applicable state law.

So where can you easily purchase instant guardianship surety bonds?

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