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Heartwarming Estate Plan


Good news still happens, and sometimes in very unexpected ways, as folks in Hinsdale, New Hampshire learned, upon the death of Geoffrey Holt, a long time resident, who lived in a mobile home park. When he died at 82, his secret came out: Mr. Holt was a multimillionaire who had left all his money to the town.

Living Frugally, Gifting Generously

Prior to taking on caretaker duties in his mobile home park, Mr. Holt had served in the navy, earned a master’s degree and retired from a job at a grain mill owned by Agway Inc., with a small nest egg which he invested in mutual funds, while he lived modestly on social security income. Those who knew Geoffrey Holt in his later years associated him with riding his lawn mower and reading the news: “As he got older, Holt would ride his mower down the road and bring home the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and read them at a secluded place on Ash Swamp Brook, which winds around behind the Super Walmart and the old harness and dog track before it goes under the road and empties into the river.”

 Fortunately, for the town of Hinsdale, Mr. Holt thought ahead about the good that could come from his $3.8 million and without any fanfare, made arrangements to leave the money to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Specifically, Mr. Holt’s gift to Hinsdale is to “support projects, programs and organizations that provide health, educational, recreational or cultural benefits to the residents of Hinsdale.” His long-time friend, Mr. Smith, is the executor of his estate and, as an adviser for the funds, hopes some can be used on a vote-counting machine, since votes are still counted by hand in Hindsdale and Mr. Holt was “adamant about voting.”

Inspired by Mr. Holt’s story? Remember, even modest gifts, carefully planned, can do a world of good for friends, families and communities. Charitable trusts can be a good way to designate assets to organizations and issues you care about. Closer to home, education trusts can ensure tuition for the next gen in your family.

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