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Home Health Aides: A Growing Demand


The pandemic has put the spotlight on how important it is to have healthcare assistance right inside our own homes. Not surprisingly, the high demand for home health aides is expected to continue.

The Importance of In-Home Care

One important reason why more home health aides are needed is that our population of old, very old, and very, very old has been increasing. Many are well able to live independently—as long as they have some assistance.

As CNBC describes:

Home health aides take care of clients in their homes, including helping with daily tasks like dressing and personal hygiene, ensuring clients take daily medications, and working with medical professionals to maintain a clients health. Many home health aides work with the elderly. Recently, LinkedIn analyzed its data and ranked the top 15 “in-demand” jobs for 2021. Number three on the list? The category Health Care Supporting Staff—which includes home health aides as well as dental assistants and pharmacy technicians. Since 2019, hiring for these positions has increased more than 34%!

Becoming a Home Health Aide

As explains, you need a high school diploma or equivalent—and you must get certified through a training program:

State laws vary on exact requirements, the industry standard for certification programs is 120 hours of classroom training and 40 to 60 hours of clinical work.

You can get certified by the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC)….Many community colleges offer their own home health aide certification… as do some nonprofit organizations, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities.

Additionally, note that states have licensing requirements for home health aides and frequently, obtaining a license bond is one of the prerequisites for becoming licensed.

A Home Health Care License Bond is a type of surety bond. Essentially, a Home Health Care License Bond serves as a guarantee to the public that you are prepared to carry out your responsibilities in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Making People Smile

It’s common to hear home health aides talk about what motivates them: making a difference, welcoming smiles and creating the connections that combat loneliness.

With home health aides busy helping patients and clients across the country before the pandemic, just imagine how their schedules are now! For a glimpse, check out a day in the life of Keisha Gourdett, recently featured in The New York Times. Thank goodness for home health aides!

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