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Home Health Care Profession Growing Over Next Ten Years


According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the home health care profession is expected to employ more than one million more people in 2026 than it did in 2016. The industry is expected to grow 41% over that time.

As the baby boomer generation ages and medical science advances to extend the average lifespan, more and more home health aides are going to be needed to take care of that aging population.

With the relative lack of education required to become a home aide, the profession is becoming more and more popular for those looking to find a way to take care of people.

Those operating a home health care facility will need a home health care license surety bond in order to gain licensure. A home health care service fidelity bond is required to cover loss to a home health care service company and customers due to an employee’s dishonest act.

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