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Home Repair Is Big Business: Plumbers Please


Families across the country are on the move—whether doubling up to save money or trading up to gain space. Home repair businesses are bustling. Plumbing is essential. Get bonded and get to work.

Home Repair Services Are Trending Up: Get Bonded

As reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

 During the pandemic, home sales have boomed, with many Americans seeking more comfortable places to ride out COVID-19. In July 2020 alone, home sales increased by 8.7% versus July 2019 sales. With so many people living in newly bought houses and more people stuck at home, home improvement stores and services have seen a new boom as well. 

Of course, good plumbing is essential in every home. In fact, these days, customers are looking to plumbers for smart tech and green solutions for everyday living.

As you plan your plumbing business, an essential step is obtaining a plumber’s license bond. This bond serves as a guarantee that your plumbing business will fulfill its contractual obligations and follow applicable state and local laws. Colonial Surety Company is the easy choice for instantly obtaining a plumber’s license bond anywhere in the country. The steps are simple — get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Print your bond from your home or office. It’s that simple!

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Top Trends In the Plumbing Business

So many of today’s homeowners grew up with smartphones—and they are looking for smart solutions throughout their homes. How about leak detection devices that prevent the unfortunate surprise of water damage? Then too, more and more people of all ages are concerned about the environment and interested in daily conservation practices. Plumbers knowledgeable about alternative systems and fixtures will be in demand.

Here’s how ServiceTitan recently summed up plumbing industry trends:

Consumers increasingly ask the plumbing industry for green living products, ways to reduce water usage and recycle water, and for touchless plumbing fixtures.

The combination of technology and customersenvironmental concerns opened new opportunities for the plumbing industry to expand into heating and cooling, lawn sprinklers, and other home mechanical systems.

Tech Savvy Skills: Digital Demand

In addition to being knowledgeable about the latest smart solutions for homes, successful plumbers also take a tech-savvy approach to running their businesses.

For example, when a customer gives a rave review, leverage it quickly by sharing it through digital channels you set up for professional use. Of course, your customers will expect to pay you digitally too—so be sure to set up for e-commerce.

Like you, Colonial Surety Company takes a tech forward approach—arming small business owners with direct and digital services. With a 20 year head-start on the insurtech industry,” we are ready to put you on the fast track to running your business efficiently.

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