Cannabis Business: Insurance for Professionals


Get full professional protection with Professional Liability Insurance +$50k of Cyber Insurance included.


With the cannabis industry thriving—and predicted to grow, grow, grow, professionals from every field are jumping in. Whether you’re focused on seeds, sales, or anything and everything in between, success is in reach—and protecting yourself with Professional Liability Insurance is a must.


Why Professional Liability insurance?

Every professional in the business of providing products, services and advice to others faces the risk of being sued. Professionals in the emerging cannabis industry face extra risks as rules, regulations and expectations evolve. Whether or not you actually make an error, even allegations—and defense against them—can be disruptive, expensive and ultimately ruinous.


When you are involved in growing, creating, testing, making, or selling cannabis products, you can be sued. For example, if a temp you pay to help with your budding business gives faulty information to a customer, you can be sued. If you miss deadlines, you can be sued. If products don’t meet client expectations, you can be sued. If regulations change and evolve (as they are), and you are not in compliance, you can face allegations of negligence.


Protect Yourself

Colonial Surety ensures that professionals throughout the emerging cannabis industry have help mitigating the risks with affordable Professional Liability Insurance. Armed with Professional Liablity Insurance, you’ll be covered for both legal defense and settlement costs in the event of a lawsuit. Uniquely, for added value and protection, our  Professional Liability Insurance even includes $50,000 of Cyber Liability Insurance,  providing defense against lawsuits and regulatory actions—and response services and notifications—related to a cyber breach at your cannabis business.


Prevent incidents at your cannabis business from spiraling into disasters. Obtain affordable Professional Liability Insurance from Colonial in minutes, now. Just:


  • Get your quote online anytime, from anywhere;
  • Enter your information and payment method; and,
  • E-file or print out your coverage certificate.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Colonial Surety it is so easy and speedy to obtain professional liability insurance for your cannabis business that it can be done within minutes.  We are a direct, and digital writer of professional liability insurance for cannabis industry professionals in every state. To obtain your professional liability insurance today, just: get your online quote, enter your info and payment and then download or print your bond—instantly. It’s so easy you can do it now.

  • General Liability Insurance helps cover injuries to customers or property damage caused by your business. Professional Liability Insurance helps to protect your business against errors and omissions that can occur in the course of providing services and advice to clients. For example, a client could allege that your missed product deadline cost them thousands of dollars in sales. Working with clients and customers makes it critical to have Professional Liability Insurance.


    The basic Cyber Liability Insurance provides cyber breach response services, mitigating damage and ensuring that obligatory investigation and notification procedures are implemented. Protection against lawsuits and regulatory actions are also covered. Specifically, coverage includes:


    • Expert-led response services following a data breach.
    • Protection from lawsuits and regulatory actions related to the breach.
    • Legal services.
    • Computer forensic services.
    • Public relations and crisis management expenses.
    • Notification services.
    • Call Center services.
    • Credit and Identity monitoring and other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions.
  • Yes, it is important to purchase your insurance from a quality and financially secure company. Incorporated since 1930, Colonial Surety Company is an A (Excellent) rated insurance company by A.M. Best. We are Treasury listed, licensed, and admitted in all U.S. states and territories.

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