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Conservatorship in Michigan for Adults Who Become Disabled


Formerly competent adults in the State of Michigan who lose the ability to take care of themselves properly are often appointed conservators or guardians to care of the incapacitated person and their property.

The conservator is appointed to make decisions for that incapacitated person. The conservator takes care of the property while a guardian takes care of the personal needs of the incapacitated. Someone can be appointed both conservator and guardian for a single person.

A petitioner has to petition at the probate court to start a probate proceeding. The prospective conservator is the respondent in said petition. The court then investigates to determine whether the individual requires a court appointed attorney, and then the judge determines whether conservatorship is necessary. Click here to learn more.

The conservator’s responsibilities do not begin until the appointed conservator files a conservator surety bond as directed by the court.

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