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San Francisco’s First Modular Hotel Opens


San Francisco opened its first modularly built hotel, the Home2 Suites by Hilton. The total construction time for the hotel was 16 months, with construction finished in less than a year after the modular units arrived at the construction site.

The modular units consist of a kitchen, living areas, sleeping areas, and modular furniture that has the ability to be moved. The units arrived ready to stack in August 2018, and their nature didn’t prevent Hilton from installing sustainable features such as solar panels on the building.

Hotels are particularly good candidates to be built in a modular fashion as each room can be exactly the same with no problem. Hotels may have some different features, but rooms themselves across hotels are not substantially different from one another, letting Hilton use these in possibly many different hotels they will build. This can take a lot of the guesswork of satisfactory performance out of the equation for contractors as well. With modular projects, much of the project is already built and it can move to market very quickly.

With normal construction projects and it all being built as one structure or area, it can be hard to determine if the end product will be satisfactory until you are too far into the project. Modular projects may be able to give both sides a clearer picture of where they stand earlier in the project. Both should know what they’re getting much earlier in the process.

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