Mortgage Banker Bond


A mortgage banker bond  holds mortgage bankers accountable to all the laws governing the mortgage banking business.

What Is A Mortgage Banker Bond?


Because mortgage bankers essentially provide services as both brokers and lenders, a mortgage banker bond is required to protect the public, ensuring that all applicable government rules and regulations are followed.


Who needs a Mortgage Banker Bond?


In order to conduct business legally in their states, mortgage bankers need mortgage banker bonds. Check on your state’s specific requirements for mortgage banker bonds at

What’s the Process for Obtaining a Mortgage Banker Bond?


At Colonial Surety it is so easy and speedy to obtain a mortgage banker bond that it can be done within minutes.  We are a direct, and digital writer of mortgage banker bonds for every state. To obtain your mortgage banker bond today, just: get your online quote, enter your info and payment and then download or print your bond—instantly. It’s so easy you can do it now.


What Does a Mortgage Banker Bond Cost?


At Colonial, in addition to being easy and speedy to obtain, mortgage banker bonds are very reasonably priced. The premium is based on the amount of the bond required by your state. As a direct bond writer, Colonial offers our lowest possible rate. Unlike agents and middlemen, Colonial does not have any hidden or fluctuating fees. It’s cost-efficient (and fast) to skip the shuffling around and get your bond directly from Colonial.

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