Mortgage Loan Originator Bond

A mortgage loan originator bond is required in many states as a prerequisite for licensed mortgage originators to conduct business.

Colonial Surety is authorized by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) to issue electronic (aka digital) mortgage loan originator bonds. If you have not already done so, register at the NMLS.


What Is A Mortgage Originator Bond?


A mortgage loan originator bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees a mortgage loan originator will operate in accordance with all applicable government rules and regulations.


Like all surety bonds, a mortgage loan originator bond has three parties: the principal (mortgage originator obtaining the bond); the obligee (state office requiring the bond); and the surety (the company writing the bond).


Who needs a Mortgage Loan Originator Bond?


Many states require a mortgage loan originator bond as a prerequisite to issuing a license for business. In other words, to legally conduct business in many states, mortgage loan originators must have this bond.


What’s the Process for Obtaining a Mortgage Loan Originator Bond?


At Colonial Surety it is so easy and speedy to obtain a mortgage loan originator bond that it can be done within minutes.  We are a direct, and digital writer of mortgage loan originator bonds. To obtain your mortgage loan originator bond today, just: get your online quote, enter your info and payment and then download or print your bond—instantly. It’s so easy you can do it now—then e-file with the NMLS. It’s that simple!


What Does a Mortgage Originator Bond Cost?


At Colonial, in addition to being easy and speedy to obtain, mortgage loan originator bonds are very reasonably priced. The premium is based on the amount of the bond required by your state. As a direct bond writer, Colonial offers our lowest possible rate. Unlike agents and middlemen, Colonial does not have any hidden or fluctuating fees. It’s cost-efficient (and fast) to skip the shuffling around and get your bond directly from Colonial.

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