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New York Cannabis Business?


Entrepreneurs in New York City can now get help from Cannabis NYC, a program of the NYC Department of Small Business Services. Led by Brooklyn native, corporate leader and nationally known cannabis advisor, Dasheeda Dawson, Cannabis NYC is ready to help entrepreneurs and workers looking to make their mark in this emerging sector.


Thriving and Equitable Industry

NYC Business explains that Cannabis NYC has been launched to “to support the development of a thriving and equitable cannabis industry with first-of-its-kind support for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs.” Specifically, Cannabis NYC will be involved in outreach, public engagement, business services and advocacy efforts in support of “the creation of good jobs, successful small businesses, and sustainable economic opportunity to address historic harms of cannabis prohibition.”


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Absorbing The Illicit Market

With more and more of the country legalizing cannabis, the field is ripe for entrepreneurs, though navigating emergent regulations and policies can be challenging. As the first director of NYC Cannabis, Dasheeda Dawson has the charge of corralling city services to help build sustainable cannabis businesses, including helping entrepreneurs to apply for licenses, access financing opportunities and navigate municipal regulations.”The New York Times shares this background:

Ms. Dawson, a Princeton University graduate and former executive of Fortune 500 companies, has become a fierce advocate for the legalization of marijuana with a focus on using it to address health disparities and repair the damage to people and neighborhoods that were subjected to mass criminalization. After leaving corporate America, she crisscrossed the country as a consultant advising cannabis businesses and lawmakers considering legalization, including in New York.Her role as New York Citys first cannabis director is key to fulfilling a central goal of legalization in the state: absorbing the illicit market with persuasion and incentives instead of punishment.


Good To Know

With legalization of cannabis in much of the country, comes the work of turning around decades of failed policies and creating trust. The New York Times offers this context for moving forward in New York City:


In 1973, New York was the first state to enact laws prescribing tough penalties for petty drug offenses, including the possession or sale of small amounts of cannabis. Enforcement was heaviest in New York City, where heavy-handed policing fueled arrests concentrated in mostly poor, Black and brown neighborhoods. The so-called Rockefeller drug laws, named after then-Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, have been dismantled and replaced with addiction treatment and criminal diversion programs, and marijuana arrests have become rare in the city. But distrust in government remains high.


Cannabis Licensing Bonds?

Cannabis license bonds are a form of protection for the public—a commitment that a cannabis business is run professionally, honestly and in accordance with the law. Like other types of surety bonds, a cannabis license bond involves three parties: the obligee (the public entity requiring the bond); the principal (the person needing the bond); and the surety company that issues the bond. It is critical for a cannabis license bond  to be written to the specific requirements of the obligee—especially as public laws evolve. As a direct, national bond writer, Colonial is prepared to meet the specific requirements of obligees across the country.


Cannabis License Bond Here.


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