Court Bonds

The New Jersey Guardianship Filing Process


The New Jersey rules for filing for guardianship are rather complex and extensive. As a result of amendments to the state court rules made effective on September 1, 2016, guardianship petitions must be initiated using specific forms prepared by the Administrative Office of the Courts. Guardianship monitoring programs are also being established in each state county as well.

Each prospective guardian must complete a guardianship training program after the hearing’s pleadings are filed before the actual court hearing can be held. This program helps them learn about the duties and responsibilities of guardians and helps them make sure that this is something they will be able to take on. It is better to realize the extent of responsibilities as an appointed guardian then finding out when they are being held responsible for the duties.

Once the actual hearing is held, the incapacitated person must attend unless both his or her court appointed attorney and the petitioner’s attorney both certify that this person cannot attend due to physical limitation or mental incapacity.

Once a guardian is appointed, they have 30 days to qualify as a guardian. During this time, they must obtain a guardianship surety bond in order to protect the interest and affairs of the ward in accordance with the applicable state law.

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