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3D Digital Scans Will Help Rebuild Notre Dame


Notre Dame, the French cathedral dating back to the 12th century, had much of its wooden structure burn down recently. But with the aid of 3D digital laser scans of the building taken in 2015, the burnt down spire and roof may be able to be rebuilt to almost their exact previous specifications.

There is hope that the scans will be able to cut down the rebuilding time necessary for the cathedral as they presumably should be able to provide high quality, accurate blueprints. The scans may also be able to be analyzed beforehand to find structural flaws that can be improved upon in the rebuilding. The French may also simply decide to rebuild the burnt down areas to more modern specifications, using the scans only as a guide at most.

Either way, it will be a risky project combining nearly 1,000-year-old construction with modern techniques. The bid will have to be gigantic, with guarantees necessary that the project can be performed at that price. Subcontractors and materials will have to be paid for and the ultimate performance will have to be satisfactory in not just a functional, but visual, sense. That’s why bid, payment, and performance bonds provide necessary guarantees in situations like this.

So where can you purchase bid and payment/performance bonds for a project?

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