Court Bonds

New York Administration Proceedings: What You Need to Know


In the case of someone in New York dying without a will, or intestate, many considerations are deliberated in connection with the appointment of an administrator for the deceased’s estate.

Factors such as next of kin must be considered to determine the proper person to petition the New York Surrogate’s for Letters of Administration and the identity of those who are entitled to become the estate’s beneficiaries. Spouses and children of the deceased, for example, have first priority.

The Court also has to appoint an estate administrator when there is no will, unlike when a last will is left and an executor is appointed in a probate proceeding. The Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act Section 1001 provides a list of those entitled to be appointed Administrator. Learn more about New York Administration proceedings.

In order to be appointed an administrator, however, the court usually requires the potential administrator to post an estate surety bond to protect the interests of the estate and its beneficiaries in accordance with state law.

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