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Opportunity Knocking? CHIPS!



Lots of the action for contractors now—and in the foreseeable future—is, in one way or another, tied to publicly funded builds. In addition to the billions of federal and state allocations moving infrastructure forward, $39 billion has been set in motion to build  semiconductor manufacturing plants. Knock, knock?


In Real Time

It’s always wise for builders to keep an eye on the flow of money for publicly funded builds, and that’s especially true now: not only is funding for infrastructure manifesting in the form of projects across the country, first round applications are already underway for slices of the $39 billion in  CHIPS and Science Act dollars for semiconductor manufacturing. Leaders expect a multitude of direct and indirect opportunities for builders as a result of the sweeping public vision behind CHIPS. While getting manufacturing going is an initial priority, it is just the beginning, according to Gina Raimondo, the Secretary of the Commerce Department: “Our success will be short-lived if we focus only on manufacturing….The $39 billion in incentives will bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S., but a robust R&D ecosystem will keep it here.” In addition to the construction of manufacturing plants, builders can anticipate projects aimed at standing up research and development facilities—in real time. As  Construction Dive reports, by 2030 the goal is to have “two large-scale clusters of semiconductor fabs.…Each cluster will include a surrounding supplier ecosystem, R&D facilities and specialized infrastructure.”


Coming Your Way?

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Good To Know

Already, the construction or expansion of several semiconductor manufacturing plants have been announced around the country. For example:


  • Applied Materials recently announced a multi-billion dollar plan to increase its manufacturing capacity and build a new R&D facility in Sunnyvale, California.
  • Dallas-based Texas Instruments similarly announced plans to invest $11 billion to extend its semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in Lehi, Utah, last week.


  • Micron Technologies broke ground on an Idaho memory fabrication plant in October


Funding of $11 billion has also been allocated for a National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC). Construction Dive shares this statement from leadership about the role it is envisioned the NSTC will play in constructing the future: “The NSTC will be an ambitious public-private partnership where government, industry, customers, suppliers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors converge to innovate, connect, and solve problems….We envision a network of several centers around the country, solving the most impactful, relevant and universal R&D challenges in the industry.” Overall, building for the sciences—including life sciences–is anticipated to continue at high demand as medical centers, academic institutions and research centers also expand their capabilities.


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