Out On Your Own? Business Shower!



Professionals across the country continue recalibrating how they want to spend their time and talent, live a balanced life—and earn a living. Financial gurus, tech consultants and health and fitness experts are examples of those hanging up their own shingles. Through “business showers,” friends are helping their buddies with essentials. Sounds nice, right? Remember, professional liability protection is a must-have.


New Beginnings


When professionals who are “entrepreneurs at heart” decide to strike out on their own,  friends and families are going beyond liking them on social media as a show of support. How about a business shower? Amazon is of course in on the trend and The New York Times reports:


Across the United States, especially in New York City, entrepreneurs are appropriating the baby shower, an event previously reserved for expectant parents, usually mothers…Some business showers include games, decorations and catering. Some founders even ask for gifts, providing links to business registry websites that have also become popular. Business showers generally differ from launch parties because they occur at the very early stages of a start-up, sometimes when the business is still just gestating as an idea.


“I would say the beauty of a business shower is it’s kind of a new concept, and it’s kind of whatever you want to make of it,” said Dulma Altan, founder of Makelane, a master class for female founders. It offers a free virtual kit called Startup Stork to help people plan business showers. Over 1,300 have been downloaded in 2021.



Securing Your Niche


Sid Singh of Brooklyn actually held two business showers upon quitting his full-time job to start his own company, providing financial advice. After the first, a beer and pizza gathering, he held a second, on a rooftop in Brooklyn, decorated with gold balloons in the shape of dollar signs. As a result, he reports: “Some of my friends were like, ‘Send me your deck’ or ‘I know people who would be great for it,’” he said. “I also had about 15 friends sign up for the program.”


It’s exciting to see new possibilities take off. Disruption, ideas, freedom and flexibility are exactly what many entrepreneurs thrive on. Of course, work involving clients also has the inherent risk that some may be unsatisfied—and demand relief through lawsuits alleging errors, omissions, negligence and so on. Whether or not mistakes were made, defense against  allegations is costly—and frequently ruinous.



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