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Partnering For The Win: Syracuse, New York



Public commitments to modernize infrastructure continue across the country, and New York State is digging in: a partnership of contractors won a $385 million dollar project for construction on a portion of I-81, which is integral to both downtown neighborhoods in Syracuse and trade routes.


Connecting–and Reconnecting

Viaduct construction from the 1950’s resulted in the disconnection of some of Syracuse’s downtown neighborhoods. In addition to re-connecting them, the Interstate 81 “viaduct project” aims to provide a better, faster ride for truckers and goods headed to and from the Canadian border. Reporting for Construction Dive, Sebastian Obando explains:


The New York State DOT awarded a $384.5 million contract for a portion of the I-81 viaduct project to CNY Alliance, a group of New York-based contractors.The partnership includes Rifenburg Construction Corp., Crane-Hogan Structural Systems and… A.Servidone and B. Anthony Construction Corp. The contract’s scope of work includes the conversion of the southern interchange of I-481/I-81.


The $2.25 billion I-81 viaduct project aims to reconnect downtown neighborhoods in the Syracuse area that were originally severed by the I-81 viaduct’s construction in the 1950s…. The route is critical to maintain a high speed interstate connection with national and international north-south trade routes from Tennessee to the Canadian border….The I-81 viaduct project forms part of Gov. Hochul’s plan to modernize New York’s infrastructure….

Contract 2 will upgrade a portion of Interstate 481, which would be redesignated as I-81, and construct the new Business Loop 81…to improve connections to downtown Syracuse and other business districts….


Other work included in the project involves “improvements to the sewer and stormwater management system to reduce runoff and help prevent overflows during heavy rains that threaten the water quality of Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Lake.” The new contract is part of a multi-billion dollar larger effort in the region. Earlier this year, nearly $3 million was awarded by the NYSDOT for “reconstruction of the existing Interstate 481/I-81 northern interchange to the re-designated I-81 and Business Loop 81, conversion of I-481 to the new I-81 and several road and bridge improvements along the corridor.” That project was also awarded to a partnership of contractors which included: Lancaster Development and Tully Construction Co., together as L&T Construction, D.A. Collins Construction Co. and Cold Spring Construction Co.


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Good To Know: Buffalo’s Building Too

About 150 miles from Syracuse, Buffalo, New York is seeding partnerships and constructing for the future too. Work began this summer on the new “state of the art” stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Public leaders have emphasized the resulting job opportunities and anticipate 10,000 local construction jobs. WKBW further reports:


The joint venture of Gilbane-Turner Is in charge of managing construction. The group is working to connect certified local contractors with companies bidding for stadium jobs on a larger level.”It’s almost like speed dating,” explains Deb Pereria, the Deputy Program Director for Gilbane-Turner. Opportunity for all is a major part of the stadium deal. The Community Benefits Agreement includes a 36% goal of including minority, women and veteran owned businesses in construction.


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