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What is the Partnership Account® for Pension Professionals?

The Partnership Account® for Pension Professionals is a business referral and representation agreement between a pension professional and Colonial Surety Company. The agreement allows for the streamlining of the ERISA bonding process for the Pension Professional Partner and their plan sponsor clients. Colonial aims to improve Pension Professional Partner productivity and earned referral fees while lowering costs associated with 5500 filling, plan administration, and the annual census by guaranteeing United States Department of Labor compliance, allowing plan sponsors to save by purchasing directly from Colonial, and much more.

What products does Colonial Surety Company offer?

Colonial Surety Company writes ERISA fidelity bonds and Fiduciary Liability Insurance for plans sponsors and Errors and Omissions Insurance for the pension professional. We also provide bid and performance, license and permit, public official, notary, employee dishonesty, and lost instrument bonds. Upcoming Colonial product releases include: Cyber and Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, and Business Operation Protection.

How does The Partnership Account® work?

Colonial’s ERISA support team is educated in all aspects of ERISA statutes as it relates to bonding and insurance. In addition, our ERISA support attorneys and customer service representatives have decades of experience in ERISA fidelity bonding and insurance. Colonial offers its Pension Professional Partners a management dashboard enabling Partners to purchase and manage plan sponsor ERISA bonds and fiduciary liability insurance instantly online. Additionally, a Pension Professional Partner has the option to utilize Colonial’s free Bond Compliance Program.

What is the Pension Professional Dashboard?

The Pension Professional Dashboard is a real-time dashboard that enables the Pension Professional to instantly purchase their plan sponsor client’s new ERISA bonds, view renewal history, limit adjustments, and much more online. All of these free management tools in one allows a Pension Professional Partner to become more efficient and lower costs. They can work smarter, not harder.

What is the Bond Compliance Program?

Colonial’s Bond Compliance Program is a free service provided only to our Pension Professional Partners. It is a simple solution to save third-party administrators the time associated with confirming and verifying ERISA bond coverage when filing the 5500. The report includes both Colonial and non-Colonial information. Our proprietary software identifies a Pension Professional Partner’s plan sponsors who do not currently possess an ERISA bond, making them out of compliance with the United States Department of Labor.  By using the Pension Professional Dashboard, Partners will be able to ensure that all of their plan sponsor clients are in compliance with the Department of Labor at the lowest industry cost while being able to provide retroactive insurance through Colonial and utilizing a simplified 5500 filing process.

Why do Pension Professionals Partner with Colonial Surety Company?

Pension Professionals partner with Colonial Surety Company to consolidate their plan sponsor clients’ ERISA bonds into one location and ensure plan sponsors that they are United States Department of Labor compliant. Colonial is a long tenured member of ASPPA and NIPA, while becoming a sponsor to many national, regional, and local industry associations over the last decade. Colonial Surety Company is an insurance company licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories. We are rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best Company and United States Department of the Treasury approved. The company’s bond form has been approved by the United States Department of Labor.

At Colonial Surety, you can easily obtain industry-specific protection for yourself with errors & omissions and fiduciary liability insurance.



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